Technology consulting

Technology consulting, support and training for home users and small businesses throughout Marin.

Maven – a knowledgeable person in a particular field that likes to pass that information to others.

Computer Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Has your computer become sluggish? Do you take a walk around the block while it boots up? Does it freeze up at all the wrong times? Computers, like cars, require regular maintenance to keep them working correctly. Before you consider buying a new computer, give it a tune up.

Computer / Application Training

Do you want to get more out of your computer? Are you hearing about all the great things people do with photos and video, but have a hard time simply sending an e-mail? Do those manuals seem like they were written in another language?  I can sit down with you, at your computer, and explain how to do things in simple terms. I’ll show you how to organize your files and lower your level of frustration. If several people are using the same computer I can show you how to individualize it for each. Have a particular need and want help selecting the perfect software or hardware solution? I can help with the selection and install and set it up.

Hardware Upgrades

Computers have become the main storage place for pictures, music, and video these days, but all of these take large amounts of storage. Have you run out of room but are afraid to break open the case to add a new hard drive? Are you unsure about how to configure an external hard drive? As well, a major contributor to computer sluggishness is a shortage of memory. Want a new monitor but are unsure if it will work with your video card? Have a new monitor but the quality is not nearly what it was in the store? I can help with all of this.

Networking (Wired/Wireless) Setup/Troubleshooting

Do you have multiple computers that should be sharing an Internet connection? Do you want to be able to share printers or files between computers? Do you dream of sitting on the couch or outside with your laptop computer? These are what networks are all about. If you are considering putting in a network I can design it, select and install the hardware, and get it up and running. If you have a network but something isn’t working, I can set it right.

Security Evaluations

Can your neighbors see your network and everything that is on it? Is there hidden spy-ware on your computer that is sending out information unbeknownst to you? Has your computer been turned into a zombie for a malicious hacker? All of these are real threats, and I can see if they are happening to you. I can set up your system to secure you against them as well.

DSL/Cable Setup/Troubleshooting

Has a box arrived with your new modem in it but you are unsure what to do? Do you have a broadband service but can’t get on the Internet or is your e-mail not working? I can setup or fix your connection.